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Default Mango Lassi

So I'm here sippin on a bangin glass of mango lassi that I just made and got to thinking.......HOLY BAT GUANO AF makes the individual flavors needed to make this!

Idk if this will exactly work as I dont have all of these flavors but someone try this!

60% AF Mango
20% AF Vanilla
20% AF Cardamom

Now if any of you are curious about the drink.
Ingridients: (For single serving)
One 6 oz thing of vanilla yogurt (you know those little plastic cups with the foil to seal on top like dannon or something)

One ripe mango (Or you can sub in some mango pulp in a can which can be found easily in asian/indian groceries [I never looked at pathmark or anything next time I go I'll check])

2-3 Cardamom pods (Green on the outside)

milk (this will help you adjust the final thickness of the drink I like mine thick so I add about 2-3 splashes)

2 tbs sugar (optional)

Remove skin from mango and remove and discard the pit from the middle.

Open the cardamom pods and take out the seeds. THROW AWAY THE POD ITSELF!

Smash the seeds to make them crack.

Chuck the vanilla yogurt, milk, sugar, cardamom, and the mango bits into a blender with a few icecubes and blend until smooth!


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