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Dragonman586 - With my session, the only thing that was spent was the very top layer...the middle and lower parts of the shisha still remained wet and sticky. I could have gone longer with some fresh coals, but I wanted to stop because near the end of my session my pups started barking at the door, wanting to go outside. I smoked for a little over an hour though. The only thing, I repeat, THE ONLY THING I don't like about this bowl is that it will NOT fit on my stem without an extra wrapping of some sort. (paper towel, foil, etc.) It's a phenomenal bowl that smokes amazingly. To finish it off, I think most Vortex users can agree with me when I say you'll probably stop smoking before your tobacco is spent, due to the fact that it almost doubles the smoking time and your coals will burn out, so you'll have to light fresh ones
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