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Originally Posted by texashookah View Post
Wow, a lot of strong feelings for not liking Soex. As for SOEX, yes it is 100% tobacco free, no nicotine, and no tar. It is healthier in that you are not taking in any tobacco, but as all hookah smoking you are inhaling smoke which is bad. As for taste, depends on the flavors.
A few things:
1) Soex/Black Label/High Life have no herbal content at all as they are made from sugar pulp.
2) No one has any idea if smoking sugar cane pulp is less dangerous that smoking tobacco.
3) One need not inhale when smoking. Personally I smoke becaouse I love the taste/texture and craftmanship and lacking any taste buds in my lungs I don't see the need to put smoke in them.
4) The health dangers of tobacco use have been so wildly over stated that talking about the issue has become almost impossible. Read some of the stuff I've posted about tobacco research if you are interested in the subject.
5) A topic has been active here recently about the relative threat of narghile to cigarette use and i'd suggest please read the whole thread if they want to know about the reality of how moassel differs from cigarette tobacco.

As to Soex/Black Label/High Life it all tastes like crap and is simply not worth smoking. Honestly I would rather not smoke at all then bother with rubbish. Anyone that is concerned about the health consiquences of to such an extent that they don't want to use tobacco either needs to read up on the subject or not smoke.
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