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Default Noor - Sugar Cane & good taste?

Yesterday I received 2 flavors of the newest German shisha-brand, Noor.
It is made of sugar cane like Soex (without nicotine) and I heard it should be much better than Soex. So I tried it today.
I don't know, if it will be aviable in the USA someday, but I think for all european Users of HP, this could be interesting.

1. The Package

It's a modern-looking package to open. Really nice, I've never seen something like this for shisha.

Translated that means something like "Nobacco - No tobacco, no nicotine, based on sugar cane"

Thats how it looks like, when it's opened. You can see that nice ziploc inside the package. The tobacco is in this ziploc without any other foil. The ziploc is nice. Good to keep the tobacco in it.

2. The cut
The cut of this "tobacco" isn't that good. But this is a matter of the structure of the sugar cane. I would say it's nearly the same like Soex.
Here you can see the cut:

3. Smoke & Taste
In the last picture, you can see, how i smoked it. I just put a stealring into the bowl and 2 layers of syrian foil plus 2 Cocobricos:

That's the whole setup, and it worked well (It's the same setup I use for Hookah Hookah, just with less tobacco).
Unfortunately I couldn't do a picture of the smoke, because the batteries of my cam have been blank (can I say it like this in english? ). Anyway, the smoke was great. Really big clouds, like smoking Starbuzz or Al Fakher. The taste was also good. I smoked the Noor Premium Plum and it tasted like sweet plum. It was just a bit mild (maybe like Al Amir). But that's because the nicotine is missing.

4. Conclusion
Noor is a great alternative for tobacco and even for Soex. The flavor was awesome. If a friend put it into my hookah and I don't know, what it is, I would think it's normal tobacco.
8 / 10 points for Noor!
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