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Default Clash of the titans review! ...any ideas?

Hey guys basically im looking to run a review which ideally will be completely unbiased and with no ties or affiliations to any vendor it should take place soon and will be filmed and then circulated. Atm I've got a Mya Obelisk new design single hose, KM 42" tripple pearl, a KM tri metal, an Emir from Shisha King, Black Magic from J&R, a MZ N4 and a perpetual river also on the way are a KM exotica and a Nour 26" brass. I just wanted to know from you guys if there were any other hookahs you felt should be included in the review ideally only those that will place a threat to those listed. It did feel a bit KM heavy but that was due to a lack of agreement on the best KM, whereas with the MYA's people were generally happy with the obelisk from hookah-shisha being a sole representative for mya. The test will be run with one consistant flavour and using a mn glass jet funnel, hose will be decided after a hose review, most likely a namor, razon, km pro, or xl from shisha king

let me know what you guys think?
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