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Default Re: Is there a problem with my shisha store?

Originally Posted by Donnie View Post

I normally get my Al Fakher shisha from this local store, but the flavours are not remotely similar to stuff I smoke at shisha cafes. Its not fake, I checked with few people who have more knowladge than me; but the taste is off. I checked the dates, etc but everything seems to be fine. The grape was totally off, but thats because of a general bad batch, but orange was also off and so was strawberry. Lucky I got the small package. Is there any reason why the flavours would go off so qucikly after production date? He stores the shisha out of light, and in a cool area. I don't understand.
Does the package have a silver hologram?If not, its fake. This was started around 3 or 4 years back because of students from Baharain bringing fake shisha in suitcases with real packages that are similar to AF.
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