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Default What is this crap in my new KM

Hay all what the hell is this gunk in my new km? I washed it all with hot water but did not bust out the brushes and now wishing i did. After a couple sesions with my new hookah i decided to clean it with the brushes and found this black greasey gunk inside. There was allot of this stuff it was nasty and it was not normal i dont think. The hookah smoked great but after both sesions i didnt feal so good. It very well could be i needed to pace my self more since the smoke is much thicker and draw is way eaiser but not sure what this stuff is. Do i need to be worried bout this stuff being in the heart i tried the best i could to clean it with paper towels rolled up and didnt get any thing, but cant clean it real good is it safe to smoke out of till i get some pipe cleaners? thanks for any advice
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