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Default Re: Members missing in action

Ronin is right! People have their lives. Now I also have a large family (7 "children" of which 3 are married and 2 close to it)also 7 Grandchildren plus, work, hobbies (hookah, smoking and shisha). a wife with a full time job also and we need time for all that BUT ....younger people and especially students or people starting a first or second job in life are quite busy if not more. every thing they do must be questioned. I love the verse from one of Bob dylan's earliest songs around 1963 "But I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now". which can mean a number of other things, but older people are usually on some kind of track, while a student in university is fighting for his future. i am not being facetious.(I didn't go to college, but learned my whole life and still do).But not for grades and all the stress that goes with it. so the end of the school year probably found a drop off of posts. With the same students just taking it easy now smoking hookah.don't worry, come september we will hear from them about their great smoking experiences.

Cuz hookah smokers like to smoke an hour bowl and then run and talk to the buddies about it for the next 5 months online at the forum.
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