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Default Re: how many brands/flavors of shisha are there?

There are quite a lot of shisha companies made in jordan (Middle-east).We get a lot of them here. a very few stink but most are top. "Romman "is from Jordan and is not sold locally but to USA and Europe.
"Al-Ouns" I love but they only have around 5 flavours. "Abed-El Khader" is terrific and they have around 12 wonderful flavours. "Saet-Safa" id from Jordan. Personally many people love it, but its not on the top of my list. It isn't bad by far, just my taste buds go for other things. Al-Waha "you know.Its also "Jordanian". sells all of those plus more, but it doesn't sell "Romman".
Little known of the India made Soex company is the herbal soex which you know, but I haven't seen their knock-you-on-your-posterior "Afzal" which probably is the strongest shisha I've ever smoked besides Iran Tombak non-flavoured, dry leaf shisha. I smoke 8 years, but my last time smoking Afzal I had to quit in the middle. I was seeing double literally!
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