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Default Re: about to smoke an old fav

Originally Posted by ShishaBubbly View Post
My worst flavour ever became A favourite 8 years later. since we get Nakhla on every street corner, one of my first flavours was Nakhla peach 8 years much for the taste of soap(probably too much glycerin).I also talked to others and read in forums.Many agreed it tasted like soap.Well, i've learned that tastes change, often, and that good companies read their market statements and see the bottom line. Either the Nakhla com. improved the peach, or my taste did change. now I love it.
but my favourite flavour is Nakhla Pistaccio which hasn't been sold here in 8 years. Must go all to USA?
Man, we have some of that at work and I've been looking at it for quite some time.

It looks so good.
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