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Originally Posted by MrBungle View Post
was looking around the site and found this: now that is weird. anyone ever try this?
Yes, since I do some work for them, I've had two flavours.Cherry and double-apple. Its called "Mabruk" ("Welcome" or "Be Blessed" in Arabic).
the set up is simple, the foil is already punched and the shisha lasts around 70 minutes with good quick lite coals with no after-taste. I'm going to be fair and say this. for a newbie's first time just to see if shisha -hookah is nice, it's a great ready made. For the beach its terrific since there is no spillage, nothing to dirty your fingers with glycerine, just open light the coals on the side and add.
I have no idea which brand shisha they are using. Its Israeli made set up and the shisha seems to my taste as Jordanian "Al-Sultan".
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