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these shisha companies need to come up with better names. I am all for traditional/authenticty but JC, abed elkader?
I think most of SB's success is from name and marketing. If you want an arabic name I think Layalina is great since it is pronouncable to nonArabic speaking folks.
Good luck trying to pronounce Al Fakher and Nakhla correctly.
Sultan is a descent name, Wazir, Al Waha is OK.
What do you guys think about this?
The name is the name of the Brand company in Jordan. They have probably been making shisha even before California became a state. What should they call it "Slim Jim"? Knowing some Arabic its quite a beautiful name. Take "Saet-Safa" also Jordanian which means "Moment of Pleasure". What should they call it "Budweiser"?"Coors"? "Domino's Pizza".

Secondly, 2 things got messed and mixed on this thread. The "Mabruk" ready made shisha capsule, and Abed-el Khader shisha, which has around 15 flavours now, 13 of which I love madly. Yo will never see me reviewing "Starbuzz""Tangiers" etc. since I don't want my shisha shipped from halfway accross the world when my Jordanian and Egyptian friends and neighbors have low cost,non-taxed great shisha on every street corner to by.
would it be intelligent to say "Yeah "Tangiers", looks like you need a PHD. to prepare it right" when I've never smoked it? Lets be fair and learn to say "I have no opinion cuz I never had any".
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