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Default Re: Ever have this happen to you?

Haha, these are some interesting posts. I have never set my trash can on fire because I was always concerned about my coals burning something. I always keep this aluminum kitty bowl with water in it beside my hookah while I'm having a session so that I can quickly put out the coals. I just take the coal, drop in there, and bickety bam! No worries about coals burning down the crib. However, one time I was lighting a quick light Golden Coal outside using these freebie tongs I have. I was holding the lighter to the coal when all of a sudden the red hot coal slipped out of the tongs grasp and fell right into my yeah, hell yeah I let out a shriek! Sounded pretty much like Jon Heder in that "Benchwarmers" movie when he grabbed the flaming hot baked potato, LOL! But yes, I recommend everyone keep a substance with water in it for putting out the coals
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