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Default Re: I have a problem!

Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding View Post
Idk if its the prob, but citric acid doesn't sound like a good idea to clean out a hookah.

Try a SMALL amount of dishwashing soap, warm water, lemon juice, and baking soda to clean out your hookah, especially with a stem brush.

It also sounds like your hookah might be rusting. Is there brown/red spots in your hookah? most likely
Its not Citric Acid, its Citric Salt (big diffrence), and it cleans excelent with hurting the steel.
there is no rust.

Originally Posted by vegasvic View Post
If you have 8 different pipes that all have fur growing in them, especially the day after you clean it -- your biggest problem isn't bad tasting shisha. You must have some funk in your water.

I'd recommend you try really scrubbing the shit of of them with dishwashing soap and hot water, rinse well, and then follow with a round of water, baking soda, and lemon juice.
The pipes are fine, the body is the problem, I use air-conditioner pipe, they are the best!

Originally Posted by techieguy View Post
When I leave the Hookah with really old water (lazy to clean) I have a whole lot of fur growing on it always

do you leave water after sessions?
I do, and you are right, that is one of the problems, but then I started filling it up with new every time, didn't worked, I realised there is a problem with the water from the tap, i switched to mineral water and it was all good, now I can't smoke a normal hookah and I dontkno why...
anyway, when I cleaned the filfty hookah the fur returned day after.

ps: I couldn't take a picture, can't see anything...

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