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Default Cleaning breakthrough

Cleaning a narghile has always been a huge pain and frankly the selection of tools to help with the task are lousy. I have never gotten a decent brush from anyplace that sells shisha related stuff. I did however get turned on to the Justman Brush company which makes very high quality nylon brushes that are perfect for cleaning my rigs. Specifically I recomend this range: For most rigs what you want are the 3/8" and 1/2" varients with the 24" or 30" handles. The 1/4" models are great for cleaning inlet holes and Syrian style smoke chambers.

The other great thing I came upon is something called Force Out Odor Eliminator which is a cleaning fluid. I just dip the brush in it, run it through the stem a few times, repeat twice and no smell of smoke whatsoever. No prolonged soak or continous scrubing with baking soda/lemon/vinegar. A clean, smell free stem in 3 minutes. What could be better.
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