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Heh I'm happy to say I was lucky to try this stuff when it barely got out the market


OMFG you guys words cannot describe how amazing this stuff is and it was the first time I EVER tried herbal shisha.

When I saw it I was like "meh..." since I've been hearing about how god-awful herbal shishas are.

Two hookahs were lit up with I believe Key Lime Pie and Boysenberry.

My oh my! If I just had walked in and took a puff..I wouldn't have even known it was herbal shisha. It was THAT delicious. The clouds were thick like af/sb status! No joke and I was amazed! I was able to do the thickest smoke rings imaginable with this herbal shisha.
The smell was spot on. The Key lime pie smelled more like those Lime ice cream popsicles (taste was the same!) and the boysenberry tasted like I was biting into a pie but in smoke form! It wasn't too strong to a point that you can't stand smoking it anymore and it wasn't so weak that you could hardly taste anything. It was spot on.

Geez dude! Now when I remember this.... I really need to get my own hands on this herbal stuff now

I'd say if your curious, get one box and see if you like it or not. I'd say get the boysenberry or key lime pie Heh I sure as hell know I am going to try and get all of those flavors so I can try out the ones I wasn't able to.

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