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Default QT Owners - a question

This goes out to mainly QT owners. Other smaller hookahs may have the same issue, although my 19" doesn't.

The last dozen times I have smoked from my QT, no matter the water level or hose used, I seem to be getting water INSIDE the hose.

Last night after I smoked, I went to blow out the hose and about a tablespoon of water came out. When drawing I did feel the water being sucked inside the hose, plus a few drips came from the port when I cleared it once.

Am I the only one who is getting this issue?

If yes ,what if anything, have you done to try and correct it?

I have seen this before in this hookah (I believe it lead to the early retirement of one of my MYA hoses) in this hookah and have tried adjusting the water level - too much, too little, and nothing seems to help.
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