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Default Re: Al Fakhers reponce to the new cut of tobacco

Originally Posted by Lakemonster View Post
One thing to consider is that tobacco is a crop item and subject to drought and diseases and a few types of molds and parasites. The tobacco used by overseas shisha Companies is grown in India which has different Conditions than the us.

Conditions may be such that they take the dregs or not much at all.

I suppose they Could buy us tobacco but the price and tariffs might make the price Outrageous.
Good point Lake. Tobacco crops do very and shipping from the Americas is not economically doable. Havana uses tobacco from France and the Turks use local stuff but the fact is that world wide demand for tobacco is very high so I am sure that a lot of sub-par stuff is used in moasel. I don't see what that has to do with cut size however.

In the end I haven't noticed any problems with AF but it seems others are not so lucky. I'd encourage everyone to try Salloum (they make the best apple around) and Desi Merli.
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