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Default Re: Members missing in action

Yeah man, it waters down the info you're getting. Never really been into it myself. I've seen it on another forum - just ended up a mess lol in the long run.

Originally Posted by MrBungle View Post
yeah I hear that. I'm not a huge fan of post competitions either. People just repeat what the person above them said lol.
Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
+1 "yeah, I agree, but-< add irrelivant sentence here>- but yeah, me too." LOL
Originally Posted by Kwikwi View Post
That's why I stopped posting on topics more than a week old. And just a note, Larry will be back he is or was in the process of moving to Texas. He has not gone.
Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
one of the reasons people have been slipping away has alot to do w/ the contest.There is always a surge of activity while there is a post related competition underway.
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