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Default Re: Natural coconut charcoal

You all make me laugh. Smoking Hookah is supposed to be a relaxing hobby that people are supposed to be spending their disposable income on. When I want to use natural coals that burn clean, I pay a premium price for good coals.

Don't get me wrong, common sense dictates that we should shop around and pay the least amount of money for the same or very comparable products. Unfortunately boys and girls, there is no Costco/Warehouse shopping for Hookahs and sometimes we need to pay for the things we really want.

That being said, breaking down coals the size of a Ford Focus into something that can be used on a hookah is an endeavor that I would hope not be worth very many peoples time on this forum.

By all means, please keep us posted on what its like to spend $200 worth of your time while trying to save $40 on charcoals that have yet to be determined to be any good.
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