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Default Re: Al Fakhers reponce to the new cut of tobacco

Originally Posted by sammniamii View Post
And I do understand that the product in (tobacco) may not be up to 100% par, but I'm not sure if ALL the issues are just to tobacco. Why the heck is it DRIPPING in glycerine now? And didn't old AF only list Molasses, not both? I understand changing a product in order to improve or increase production, but it almost seems as if they are taking a step backwards.

I don't mind if they say they are improving it, but what irks me more is the fact they didn't come straight out say what the heck is wrong. I hate "dancing around issues" and offering flimzy promises.

What about all the people who have already gotten (and probably thrown away) bad batches of stuff? HECK - the stuff they sent me for turning over a "fake" tub of Grape ended up smelling SO chemical and nasty I threw it away (then had to take the trash out before going to bed - the whole apt smelled gross). What about all those people and their hard spent and lost money? Not even getting a satisfactory answer as to WHY annoys me.

*end rant/fume*
Very good points. I suppose I can see that suppliers can't meet demand for a certain grade of tobacco so they change the cut but it sounds like they totally changed the whole recipe and for the worse. I don't like stuff that is just swining in glycerin which is part of why I don't buy SB so if that is what AF is doing they will be getting less purchases from me.

Personally I have not had any problem with AF but then my stocks are older so it could be just me. Anyway, I hope that things turn around soon and they stick with what works.
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