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Default Made it to the Dark Side

Got my new friend today, a 26" Gunmetal from Magic Hookahs in Vermont.

First impression was how gorgeous she is. The base is a clear glass with a very faint greenish tinge. The gold decorations are simple and tastefully understated. Also on the vase is a nice "Made in Syria" sticker.
On the stem, the brass is lightly stained black, with a subtle glow of the underlying brass showing through. The carvings are done with multiple tool tips to achieve stippled, angular and faceted markings. Depending on where you look, the reflected light from the designs is subdued, direct or sparkling. The stem breaks down into 5 pieces + the ashtray, which will be perfect for those extended motorcycle trips. Speaking of the ashtray, it is clamped down between upper stem piece and the bowl fitting... No rattling while taking a puff.

The only downside so far is the length of the stem. It is short... like 3 inches to short. Currently it barely extends down to where the base flares out from the neck. I will work on that in the morning when I get to the shop.

The weight of the stem is good, maybe not enough to be considered a weapon, but about twice the heft of my 28" Egyptian.

After I get the stem extended and a few bowls smoked, I will post a detailed review.
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