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Default question about the laws in the usa for hookah

Since I'm 18 I still have many friends who are minors and know it's illigeal for them to own a hookah and or smoke tobacco and am a law abiding citizen and would never even let them be close. but I heard from someone that it is legal for people who are 16 to smoke herbal shisha, is that true? I'm wondering because when I'm doing a grup activity with some of my friends I hate to exclude another part of that group, and also I dont' want to suply friends with something that is iligeal for them....or even for me to give them but some of them some how already smoke and wanted join the rest of us that do, but as much as we are all great friends it just doesn't work out...

so yeah the question is is it legal for a minor to smoke herbal shisha, and it makes a difference the state is washington
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