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Originally Posted by ShishaBubbly View Post
You can get it in India also, here are some links, I know that 7 years ago I saw the and its still around. Some are wholesalers.
Maybe as a forum it would be cheaper to buy, or as a group, or lounge.
The first link here I think is retail :
Ahmed Jurak is a great company and from time to time I get a little of what they make. They don't ship to the states however and they don't have a distributor. Zenith Jurak is an Iranian brand that is one of my favorites alnong with Al al-Buturī whose Hamāsah al-Mutawakkil flavours are very inspirational. I sent out samples of those to a few poeple here some time ago and Zenith products are simelar in style but definately different. Since I only go to Iran on business I don't get to dig up locally made juraks and tombacs as much as i'd like. Over time I find myself getting more and more into traditional Syrain, Iranian and Indian style juraks and moassels. I hear that the Saudis have really great juraks as well but I rarely get to try them so that is something I am pretty ignorant on.
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