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Default Re: Total Noob Questions.

Originally Posted by ronchinoy View Post
a. What is the best amount of Tabaco to use. As per the videos I see them filling the bowl to the brim. That is one hell of a lot of Tabaco. Not only being costlly. It seems wastefull.
It depends on the size of your bowl mate and how you pack it. You're not supposed to squeeze as much tobacco in the bowl as you possibly can. If you look at most of the youtube vids you'll see that the tobacco is packed nice and lose/fluffy all around until it's one or two millimetres from the brim.

Originally Posted by ronchinoy View Post
b. Ive used my new unit a few times. Each time only the top layer of the tabaco seems to be used. The tabaco along the sides and under the top layer seem un burnt. Do you lift the foil and move things arround ?
Are you rotating your coals? You should start with 2-3 pieces and place them on opposite edges of the bowl and rotate them every 10-15 minutes. As the coals get smaller you move them closer to the centre so that you get a nice even burn. There will always be a little uncooked tobacco right at the bottom of the bowl once you're done.

Originally Posted by ronchinoy View Post
c. As per the videos I see them poke holes over the complete cup. but the coals are only placed over some of these holes.
You require multiple holes so that you actually have proper airflow (try taking a hit if you only have holes right underneath the coals and you'll see what I mean) and so that you can rotate the coals around the bowl.

If you're still unsure about something I suggest you check out these vids:

They will give you all the info you need.

BTW...welcome to the forum!

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