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Default Charcoal Use - Share Your Thoughts

Hi guys, I am running low on charcoal and I'm contemplating to switch from Coco Nara Charcoal to Exotica Charcoal. The reason is you get a better price for Exotica over Coco Nara, and I have heard very good things of Exotica. However, here is where I need your help...

My mother was concerned about the use of Natural Charcoal and she asks me "Isn't it dangerous to light ANY charcoal, whether it be natural or self-lighting, and have it inside the house?" (I never light self-lighting in the house ) I responded to her "Well Mom, regardless of what charcoal you use, it still gives off CO so I can't really give you a definite answer there." My mother doesn't smoke at all, just to let you know. So what I'm asking you guys is, no matter which coals you use, you are still going to have to deal with the threat of CO inside your house-hold yes? (I never smoke outside, always in my well-ventilated room) I prefer natural coals highly over self-lighting coals simply because they don't affect the taste of the shisha, and they hold up better in my opinion. So the main thing here is, with natural coals which I most likely will purchase, am I exposing my mother to direct inhalation of CO? I don't like the sound of that ...please help me out guys, I know you guys can answer this one
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