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Default Re: Total Noob Questions.

I have yet to Smoke Nakhla Tobacco, But My idea would be to use roughly 15 grams. I get just over 3 bowls per 50g package when I smoke. But thats when I'm not using a Phunnel Bowl. as for coals, I use Exotica coals. They are a pain in the ass to light if you don't have an electric or gas stove, but they last one hour+ if you aren't hitting it every 10 seconds. I've also heard a lot of good things about Coco coals, but haven't tried them yet. As far as quick lights, The best ones I've used are 3 kings. They are somewhat tasteless as long as you wait until they aren't black anymore. and they last the longest out of the quick lights I've used (i've used only 40mm quick lights).
I hope this helps
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