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Default Re: SaharaSmoke :D

Originally Posted by yeags777 View Post
awesome gift! I'm glad my woman enjoys hookah, heck, she just asked ME to light it up tonight lol

btw: who all buys mouthtips? Is it personal preference for people? I have no problems sharing my hose with my friends.
My boyfriend and I smoke hookah almost every night. It's really a good time to just sit there, talk or enjoy a few Seinfeld episodes ;-)

Originally Posted by Kwikwi View Post
There are several of us at work who smoke and mouthtips work great since we're all cheap bastards and only own single hose hookahs.
Amen! This is actually my first time buying the mouthtips, but you never REALLY know where your friends' mouths have been! :lol: We only have a one hose hookah (the one in my sig) and we haven't moved up YET to bigger and more conventional ways. lol
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