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Default Re: Al Fakhers reponce to the new cut of tobacco

Alright, well here's my take on part of the AF situation.

Cutting tobacco fine has a major effect in the production process, more specifically the stem removal. A very fine cut will result in less stems for the following reasons;

1. The stems are much smaller, therefore less noticeable.
2. Cutting the tobacco fine makes it easier to pull out stems as there is less leaf to pull off.

Maybe, and this is a big maybe, AF is using a finer cut to lower the amount of labor is has to do to remove stems. They may not have in fact changed the type of tobacco they use but are trying alternative cutting methods to 'cut' costs.

As someone stated, tobacco is a crop and crops do vary. Also, when ordering tobacco, you really don't know what it looks like until you open the box. I know from personal experience that tobacco can even vary from inside different parts of the box it comes in. Some of the tobacco is like dust, and other parts have huge leaves. Getting a consistent cut is labor intensive and sometimes it's just easier to cut everything very fine and be done with it, kind of how sam described it, "'s like the tobacco has been put through a blender..."

Now this is just my theory from what I read and my experiences. I'll have to pick up a tub of AF and see for myself.
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