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Default Re: Getting headaches often..

Originally Posted by NickGOA View Post
about 95% of the times i hookah, i get a headache and i was wondering if anyone else this problem.

when i hookah, theres usually at least 2 people around me so i get like a minute of breathing time between pulls and when i have it i pull about 3 or 4 times.

I'm thinking its the Ahkla(sp?) quicklights im using.
even though i wait for all the black spots to go away before i use them.

anyone else have this problem??
Akhla is junk. 8 years ago it was the only charcoal sold all over locally. Now we get charcoal from Greece that is good and another from Germany. The ones I have now from Germany say "Lemon Charcoal" (quick lights). The are supposed to be from Germany and from Lemon wood? Yesterday, online I found a Chinese company who exports lemon wood and regular wood for forming the coals! Just read about good coals and try them. It could be your headaches are from the akhla. Or too much nicotine. do you use anantihistamine? It will make the nicotine and things like other pills or caffiene actually wrok stronger like a catylist. Or maybe you need to eat a little before you smoke. Its a must, and drink water in between long sessions. enjoy yourself.
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