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Default Re: question about hookahs with ice catchers

Originally Posted by bradedup View Post
My friend and i talked about this actually...we both work at a pharmaceutical lab at the university of wisconsin and we talked about putting it in a regular ice chamber....and it doesnt vaporize that fast....aas long as the room is well ventilated you have enough oxygen to still breathe...co2 is not toxic...

But we were thinking of making a modded sealed ice chamber specifially for dry ice.....
better make it to be able to take 850 psi as a working pressure or else when it melts it will blow up

i wouldnt do it inside but out side i say go for it, maybe open the bottom of the chamber where you normally drain it to make sure the co2 goes out that way as apposed to trying to come up and maybe getting sucked up a little more. (it should have a hard time going up at all since it sinks but if it has to exit the chamber up near the bowl it could get sucked up, maybe)

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