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As always my orders go very smoothly with this company.(I would recommend ordering on Monday for the quickest service cause Fedex doesnt ship Mondays). I ordered a tri-metal, a 250 Fusion and a 50 Fusion. It all came on time, but the KM didnt come with a purge bearing (I owuldnt have sued it anyway though), i got Pear instead of Guava as my free 50, and the tray on the Tri-Metal is nothing less than the shittiest thing I have ever laid eyes on in my life.

They will most likely fix the 50 gram problem. It's the tray im concerned about. It's not even a KM tray. This thing is gold colored but isn't brass, and feels like the cheapest tray you will ever feel in your life. It has these weird slits in it in the center hole, and the metal is pulled upward for some stupid reason (it would fit if it want slit and pulled), there is NO KM stamp on the tray, and it has fucking HEARTS on it. Yeah, hearts. It's the shittiest thing I have ever seen. I htink that my try should be replaced with a good tray, because this is a sad excuse for a compliment of a KM Hookah.

They are sending me a new silver tray and my actual 50g i ordered. They came through.

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