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Default Re: wohooo ordered my first hookah... finally

hmm so ok figured out they jsut subed the combo bowl for the mod bowl, what ever.

the auto seal is a joke, but honestly its wierd you dont even need the auto seal because it pulls from the stem instead of the other hose, not sure how that works but it does so what ever

then one of the freaking hose ports cracked the solder weld, kinda had to push but they are swapping out the hose hub part and sending me new autoseal hose ports to see if that works better (doubt it but we will see).

i wish i had been able to buy it in person or been able to find a hookah locally i really liked but o well. if it rusts out in a few months or something ill just be annoying to them until they fix it

it gives huge huge clouds and is really really easy to pull as long as the crapy auto seal isnt in

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