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Originally Posted by ************* View Post
farbeyondriven, an hp member here, has posted some videos on hoe to do a good setup you may want to view. maybe he can chime in and link those vids.
Thanks for the credit John, you are the man. However, my videos will not help this fellow because his setup is entirely different. I have a Vortex and he is rolling with an Egyptian. Anyways, these are a few questions I was thinking:

How many coals are you using?
Are they cut at a decent size?
Are they placed on the outer edges of the bowl?
Do you use a windscreen?

I saw someone had asked you about packing the bowl, that won't necessarily kill your smoke my friend. The main thing is just be sure and don't pack it too tightly. If you pack too tightly, you won't have efficient airflow and then of course you would have to understand the coals touching the tobacco, therefor harsh smoke. Take your time and don't take hit after hit constantly, you'll burn that shisha everytime with the bowl you are using. Another thing of importance is the holes. If you don't poke holes to get efficient airflow, that CAN hurt your smoke. I tried an option to get big smoke but the smoke wound up going harsh because I didn't have enough airflow, EVEN WITH THE VORTEX! Here is my advice:

1) Pack your bowl but not too much, not too little. Leave enough space between the lip of the bowl and the shisha.
2) Poke your holes but not too big, and place your hand on the foil and blow at the end and then suck and blow again. You should feel pressure and that will tell you how efficient your airflow is.
3) Make sure your hookah is setup airtight. This is very vital. You should try what Jilly mentioned above with the wet paper towel around your base.
4) Use enough coal, but not too much. If it starts to get harsh, this means the coals are generating lots of heat and you need to take the coals off IMMEDIATELY and let your bowl cool down. Clear the chamber as soon as you take off the coals. Wait a minute or two before putting the coals back on so that your bowl can cool.
5) Aside from part 4, try using less coal and see how you come out.

In my honest opinion, I think you are packing your bowl too tight, perhaps maybe you have too much coal, and you are constantly taking deep hits. Those are the most important factors to look at with your setup because it can roast that shisha pretty easily. I'm just a noobie, but you would be surprised at how vital those factors are. Take those factors into account and try again. Don't give up hope my friend, your problems can most definitely be resolved; I assure you of that! I hope this helps

HUGE NOTE: I used to get harsh smoke all the time with my stock Mya bowl, then I bought a Vortex and that problem is now obsolete. (Aside from the one time when I didn't poke the holes right to get enough airflow) Try what I mentioned above and if the smoke is still going harsh, try a different bowl like a Tangier's Phunnel or the Vortex from Sahara Smoke.


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