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Default Re: Nammor Hose/Mya Vortex connection

grommets come with the hookah, not usually ever with hoses.

I have Myas and my Nammor fits them well enough, but not perfectly.

the connection to your mya will work fine with the grommets that come with the hookah. just place the grommet loosely in the hose port, then insert hose tip firmly. it should be okay as long as you don't mess with it too much while smoking.

another thing you could do is cut the tip of the plastic stem pice on the Nammor. that way, you have a wider piece of hose tip and the connection would probably be better. i have thought about doing this, myself, but haven't had a need to.

of course, getting another grommet would probably be the hassle-free way to go. you got the right idea.
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