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Default Newer phunnel Bowls (After 2007)

Has anyone notice the difference in the latest style of Phunnel bowl? If you have one purchased from last year, take a look at it. If it's a small, its pretty shallow, and the middle hole is a good size. The whole bowl is very smoothly done, and on the inside it is perfectly smooth.

The new ones are rounded on the bottom, and about 1/4 - 1/2" deeper than the older ones. They also have a smaller circumference, and looked "Jammed up". The paint and glaze looks much less refined, and you can see the obvious seam of where they are put together. The inside is very rough to the touch and not smooth at all. The newer style is lighter as well, with a lighter glaze.

My older one smokes noticeably better then my newer one, to the point where I am giving my newer one away.

Has anyone noticed anything?
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