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Default Re: maybe i shouldnt have bought this..

Originally Posted by Sambooka
Well, thanks for posting the review, the negatives are even more important then the positives, so we can all know what rocks and what sucks! What to buy and what to steer clear of.

BTW, sorry once again for your purchase, you must have missed out on reading the reviews for quicklights
i know man haha, but i did it in reverse order -

1. buy bad coals
2. read review
3. palm to forehead

rather than -

1. read reviews
2. dont buy bad coals
3. feel good

baby steps.. baby steps.. anyways, i found the perfect coals for me:

i had 2 rolls of these when i bought my hookah, but the brand wasnt on the wrapping until i found out today they were nakhlas.. these ones light within a second, there is a cloud of smoke when its first being lit but that goes away in 10 seconds. these last for a long time - ones good enough. cant taste the charcoal either and the ash isnt too bad.
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