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Default Re: exotica jap-tabs

Originally Posted by thesauce310 View Post
yeah im liking the price of the box too looks pretty big.. no more hassle of cutting the damn coal but i love how long the regular exoticas last.

oh btw

n. Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a person of Japanese birth or descent.

it is a racial slur..
I'm sure the tabs are made of a similar,if not the same substance as the stix and should burn just as well.
And yes , the word "jap" can be seen as derogitory but I think you know very well that that was not the intent.As I stated, my son is half asian and his name, Ronin, which I gave him,is actually Japanese in origin.
The Japanese word "ronin" is from the shogun era and it means warrior w/out a master,or lone fighter, ect.
I did attempt to change the thread title, but the edit feature does not allow for changing of thread title, only content.
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