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Default Re: Some Starbuzz...

My advice to you is to DEFINETLY give it a shot...I used to smoke Al-Amir, but once I tried Starbuzz, lets just say I never looked back...check out the review section, I left a lot of reviews on a variety of different Starbuzz flavors...I can honestly say I don't mind spending $20 per/250g tub...I always have and always will unless something better comes along(doubt it)...You can try buying in bulk...that's what I do and it saves you a little you can buy a Starbuzz tobacco and charcoal package for like 60 bucks from social smoke or hookah-shisha...and it includes 3 Starbuzz 250g tubs of shisha, and a box of 100 coals. Basically you're getting the box of coals for free, or one tub of shisha for free, whichever way you look at it(compared to if you were to buy each tub seperate)...I usually buy these packages about once every 3 months...but yeah, give it a shot, you're not gonna lose anything with trying it right?

edit: Or you could go with the special, which seems like a better deal lol...(let us know how those Starbuzz charcoals taste and perform)
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