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Default Re: Hookah/Cigarette Smoking

Hah yes this has happened!

I wanted to smoke at school during my break (I was bored and my next class didn't start for 1 hour and 1/2), but I didn't have my hookah with me so I bought a pack of menthol Marlboros.

Ugh it tasted nasty but after one cig, I wanted to smoke again. So, I did sort of an experiment and I realized that I wanted a cig all the time after the first time!

I didn't smoke hookah for those few days and I'm like "ugh forget it! I wanna go back to hookah!"

I smoke a bowl and I never wanted to look at cigs ever again. Since that time, I have never bought a pack of cigs ever again. I noticed I've never had as many cravings for a smoke for hookah as I did with cigs. Never going down that rode ever again. Besides...Cigs taste awful compared to hookah.

Gotta love the hookah
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