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Default Re: Hookah/Cigarette Smoking

WOW guys, that's exactly what I was trying to point out. And you guys might know I used to smoke about 2 packs of Marlboro's a day, and now I can't stand cigarettes at all. That's a great thing. Hookah smoking WILL in fact stop you from smoking cigarettes if you want to stop. But yes, this charcoal/shisha stock will stay monitored . Also Jilly, you experienced what I'm going through right now LOL. And I noticed another thing...after I smoke hookah, I feel great. You ever notice how you smoke a cigarette and you never want to do anything? I don't ever get like that with hookah unless what I smoke in the hookah makes me sick (which rarely happens, if so it is most likely because I smoked too many bowls ) My finish, HOOKAH FTW!!!!
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