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Default Re: Hookah vs Cigies.

When these tests are done they assume hookah tabacoo has as much weight in tabacoo as regular cigs. They don't take into account the the the molasses/tobacco ratio. And sometimes they use BBQ coals instead of regular coals so you will get a lot of cardon monoxide. Hookah tobacco does have 0% tar in it but does produce tar when it is baked with the coal. (Hence why you have the resint in your pipes when you clean it.) But not nearly as much as cigs because cigs are light on fire which produces the tar. Some studies say a whole hookah session produces the same effect as smoking 100 cigs. But think of it this way. If I tried to smoke 100 cigs at a time I'd probably die. Hookah sessions probably produce the amount of smoke of 100 cigs in a session but with there being molasses/tobacco combo the smoke isn't pure tobacco. A Hookah session is more like smoking 2-4 cigs. Think about it this way. I used to roll my own cigs and it took about 16 ounces to make a carton of cigs. Now that is 453 grams of pure tobacoo. if the ratio of molasses to tobacco is 1/1 that means that is 906 ounces of hookah tobacco. If you divide it up with 15 grams of tobacco each session that means it takes 60 sessions to smoke the equivilent of 200 cigs. That means you smoke about 3 cigs after an entire hookah session. And if you smoke with even one friend that is only 1.5 a session. Go under the In The News section of Hookah Stuff and you will see similar studies done. Hookah isn't a healthly alternative to cigs but I still believe they are better then 30-40 cigs a day. I used hookah as a crutch it quit smoking cigs and it helped a lot. It gave me a nice little nicotine hit when I needed it and it tasted so much better. And I stopped, for the most part, from having to take anti-acid pills daily from acid reflux from smoking cigs so much. So yea, my 2 cents.

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