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Default SB Tropical Fruit w/ Blue Bell Strawberry Ice Cream!!

Wow i had the best combination of flavors lastnight! i was eating a tub of blue bell's strawberry ice cream when i turned and noitced my hookah was still set up from the last session so i cleared the bowl and packed it w/ some SB tropical fruits i picked up on friday. i actually picked up SB, yes! i kinda gave em up on tryin SB about 2-3months ago but for some reason i just went and got this 100g of trop. fruits.

well it was same set up as always, 3 1/4 exoticas on a phunnel... 32'' horas w/ the new KM hoses( the plastic/acrylic tip)... and man o' man the smoke + ice cream... awwww it tasted soooooooo good. i was getting crazy clouds too! i have a 58'' tv and my couch is about 6-8ft away from my tv and the clouds i was blowing covered the whole screen....ridiculous...

i'm sure plenty of people have tried this before, let me know what other ice cream and shisha are good together bc i plan on eatin ice cream while i smoke from now on! well, ill try....
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