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Default Re: Hookah vs Cigies.

Originally Posted by ronchinoy View Post
While Ive been smoking 30-40 cigies for the past 30 years.
Was under the false impresion that Hookha would help me stop smoking.

Is it just me or do others find it strange that the hookah is advertised as having 0% tar and .5% nicotine.

Then I find comments like the following
"According to Eissenberg, studies suggest that smoke from a single hookah session contains approximately 36 times the tar, 1.7 times the nicotine, and 8.3 times the carbon monoxide as the smoke produced by one cigarette."

Being a chain smoker myself Im not trying to preach to anybody.
But I think most people thinking of taking up the hookaha thinking it is harmless need a wake up call.

I got mine just now.
I did some research myself on this topic before. It takes you smoking hookah for 45 minutes straight, no breaks, nothing, by yourself, to get the same amount of nicotine and tar that is produced from smoking one cigarette. They advertise that it has no tar and only .5% nicotine because the tobacco is not burned like a cigarette, it is only heated and it does not burn. Another thing is that a lot of the crap that you get from a cigarette comes from stuff put in the filter to make it more addicting., and by law they only have to report the stuff they put in the tobacco part. The paper itself is also toxic.

When you smoke hookah, you don't get these things. compare hookah smoke to cigarette smoke. Hookah smoke is much whiter and purer than that of cigarette smoke. The water in the hookah also helps to filter out any tar that may be produced. That's why your water may be a little darker than when you first put it in.

I used to smoke cigarettes, but now that I've discovered the Almighty Power of Hookah, I'm a cig smoker no more!!! I just can't stand the taste anymore...

Anyway, hopes this answers any and all of your questions.
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