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Default Re: exotica jap-tabs

Originally Posted by Robox View Post
They were as good as the regular exoticas only they had a somewhat sour taste to them, and they pretty much crumbled when i went to move them. as I said before, I think it was just a bad/water damaged batch, and the lounge was being real cheap about it, but yeah, I mean, go for it. The worst they'll do is the same thing they did to me, and you'll probably burn your floor lol.
Yeah it sounds like a bad batch..Or its really a shitty no name brand japanese charcoal and they are telling you it is from "exotic imports" so you think it is "good stuff". I highly wouldn't doubt it imo

Because when I used them, they didn't break at all, even though they were betas and these tabs were solid! Even more solid than the finger coals!

I put up pictures on that thread:
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