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Default Re: My first hit of AL Fakher

Originally Posted by ronchinoy View Post
Here is a picture.
The price is Rs 70/- 1$=Rs 43.x
I tired his Nakhla 50 Grams Tobacco which did have a date. Aug-2008.
He says most stocks do not last more than a month. i.e. nothing in the shop is older than a month.

It was insipid too.

This leaves me with these thoughts.
a. The tobacco sold in 50 Gram Pouch is different from that sold in the 250 Gram Pouch.
b. The Tobacco sold locally in the Arab countries is better than the stuff they export.
c. There is a variation from batch to batch.
d. The shop is selling fake shit. Though it didnt look fake to me.

Ps: There was a huge difference in the smell also. With the Nakhla my brother got for me the smell is so strong you cant put your nose to close to it. Just open the packet and hits you like a brick wall. With the stuff here you can burry your nose in it and get the smell.

Im pretty sure there is good stuff to be had cause Ive had a few shishas at the Pub and Disco and the flavour was nice and strong. Maybe they are importing it direct from Saudi.
The product in the pic is not fake and I have had afew 50gs of AF peach, and it was tasty(although I'm not a peach guy).And fyi, Al fakher is made in the Unite Arab Emerates, not Al Saud.
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