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Default Re: New to hookah, seeking help.

a lot of the myas IIRC have it set up with plugs that you swap hose ports for so its a good option if you want to have the ability for 4 hoses.

honestly though unless you have 3 friends that smoke hookah a lot one hose per person in pointless, ill smoke with a friend that smokes a decent amount like i do and we sit there and puff away but i have some other friends come over and 3 of them smoke a little then after that not so much.

exoticas and cocnaras are naturals and are pretty good but do take a little more work to use, worth it to me. for QLs golden and 3 kings are preferred by most

i would suggest paying a little more to get a good set up than getting an ok one that you wont be as happy with, shop around and talk to people that have the one your looking at, reviews on like are pointless for the most part you need to sit down with a well mannered person and ask their true opinion

flavor combos, what ever you want, just put up a 10 flavors every one should have in their blog, interesting read and lists a lot of god mixes in it.

for simple mixes though i like jasmine/rose and strawberry/lemon, not sure what the %s were of each cause it was always at a lounge, but a good lounge will tell you their mixes probably (my local one will let you know exactly what is in it and how much of each)

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