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Default what is your smoking ritual?

just wondering what everyones usual sessions are like. if you eat before, during or after, what you like to drink while you smoke, the number of people you smoke with, etc.

personally i like to eat a nice meal before i smoke and make sure there is some juice or reebs to sip on, and have some chips or other snacks around to eat during the smoke. then we turn on some music and sit around socializing and sometimes playing video games. or watch a movie, but not too often. if its not just me by myself or me and my lady smoking, there is usually 2-3 other people there, all though it has been numbers up to about 6 or 7. typically we are inside when we smoke but outdoor sessions are great on my friends balcony at his house, the sun setting usually turns the lake all sorts of different colors. so whats your ritual?
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