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Default Re: what is your smoking ritual?

when my woman is here we smoke a bowl in my room while we lay on the bed talking. usually stuff gets pretty x rated, i dont know if its because im such a stud or because the hookah

but if shes not here, heres my ritual:

-before anything i prepare the hookah and the bowl then...
-i eat usually a small meal.
-grab the hookah and head to the porch or my room
-if im in my room i play red orchestra or another pc game while i smoke
-if im on my porch i just sit there and smoke with my eyes closed
-as for food during, never! ruins the taste of the shisha for me, but i do drink something but it cant be something overpowering like soda, so something like water.

there are rare times i will eat something during, but thats usually when im with a group.
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