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Default Re: Smoking shisha stems ONLY 100%

It seems to me that dmcwebd's experiment is not likely hold true for most of us. Tastes differ which is why some people like Mya, Red Bull, SB and I presume even Kamal banana or Fantasia Margarita. Stems are normally found to be harsh and unplesant tasting for reason and that reason is that nicotine and tars normally found in tobacco are concentrated in the stems and roots far more then the leaves. I will also point out that the wood cellious found in stems and roots lacks all the elements that make tobacco worth consuming. Part of the reason why ciggarettes taste like crap is that they have a high proportion of root and stem material. Cigarette companiess know that the flavour of the product is hurt by having stems and roots in the blend but it's cheaper then properly processing the tobacco and it raises the nicotine content which they see as a good thing.
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